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Our company has specialized in providing transportation solutions using 53 foot long trailers. This size has enabled us to serve customers with both large and small shipments. Also, as a result of using Thermoking refrigeration units we are also serving companies needing frozen or refrigerated services. Overall GMG focuses in the following main areas:

  • General dry freight transportation
  • LTL services
  • Produce shipments
  • Frozen shipments
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Auto parts, paper products, and many more.

General dry freight transportation

Our company transports virtually any product considered general dry freight. This can vary from paper , health and beauty items, auto parts, metal products, and many more. Our large trailers can accommodate almost all load sizes thus giving companies the ability to save by shipping in higher quantities.

LTL Services

Over the years, we’re noticed and understood that not every company will need the entire trailer for their shipments. Today, we offer a quick and efficient way to move partial loads across the country. GMG offers exceptional rates for LTL customers looking to save on shipping. Call us today!

Produce & Frozen Shipments

With 10 years of experience in handling produce with state of the art temperature-controlled units, GMG combines low rates, safe equipment, and careful load handling to offer a complete service for produce or frozen product customers.